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SolArt Vision. Our view on energy

We believe any problem has a solution. And we are here to find the best energy solution for your company's needs!

SolArt Vision was born from a childhood dream, at a time when Captain Planet was our idol because he was fighting to protect our planet. In time we've realized that each and every single one of us can do something in order to have a sustainable planet, a longer and healthier life, in a less toxic environment. What was once, during the childhood, an "animated" fight for a beautiful planet became a life belief: to act ecological.


Four years ago we've started working in the renewable energy field, with solar pannels. At the begining of this year we've also introduced in our portfolio the LED technology, and thus a puzzle's piece fell into place. It is truly spectacular how the sun's energy can be transformed in electrical energy and how consuming energy based on the LED illumination can reduce energy consumption up to half, maintaining, still, the quality of the illumination.


Both solar pannels and the LED help reduce the carbon print which basically means a healthier, cleaner, sustainable planet for our children.


What we aim to do at solArt Vision is to be designers! To be more precise, solutions designers for renewable energy! We want to cover all options and propose the one that is most suitable for our clients needs! We try to deliver the optimal key from both cost and quality point of view to any of our customers!


That is why here, at SolArt Vision, we believe in "Designing Energy Solutions"! Because we don't want to be just another provider! We hope to be your "partner in crime" in saving the planet!

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